Meet Harry Taylor Golf, the California company with 130 year of golf experience at the helm. We make golf easy for everyone with great wedges and affordable, high performance laser rangefinders. The best part? It's all factory direct so you save big!
Precision Impact is a Michigan based company providing quality golf products. Our team has Engineering and CAD capability and can take a product from idea to production. Our current 'single product' offering, Precision Impact, will be supplemented with outstanding products in the future.
Pinned Golf was started by 3 average golfers in 2018 who couldn't justify spending $400+ on a rangefinder. Their goal was to make rangefinders more affordable and get them into the hands of golfers all around the world to help their games. Their brand new Ace rangefinder is the only model on the market that is powered by USB charging but also offers all of the features you need in a rangefinder for only $199!