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The Golf Advisory Council is a distinguished organization
dedicated to promoting the growth, development, and sustainability of the sport of golf.

Established with a passion for the game, The Golf Advisory Council comprises experienced professionals, avid golfers, and industry experts who share a common goal – to connect our 3 million+ golfers with top golf companies.

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At Birdie Giveaway, we believe that dreams are meant to be experienced. That's why we're passionate about making dreams come true for golf enthusiasts.

We specialize in organizing sweepstakes that give you the chance to win your dream golf trips and to create unforgettable experiences on some of the world's most prestigious golf courses.

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From Tiger Woods to Charles Barkley, Hank Haney has taught golfers of all skill levels, and now he’s here to help you! Based on his 3 fundamentals for improving your game: Eliminate penalty shots, 2-chips, and 3-putts - Hank shares simple, easy to understand tips and drills to help you play your very best golf.

Hank also shares exclusive insight into the practice habits that he observed during his time coaching Tiger, and how applying them to your routine can help take your game to the next level.

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Sweepstakes winners

Jason Breding Ireland Sweepstakes Winner

“I was just screaming … I’m going to Ireland, I’m going to Ireland” – Jason Breding, Ireland Golf Trip Winner

Jim Cox Augusta Sweepstakes Winner

“There’s no way I won this. I only entered one time” – Jim Cox, Augusta Sweepstakes Winner, when told he won a trip to Augusta.

Eric Gantwek Open Sweepstakes Winner

“It was surreal” – Eric Gantwek, The (British) Open Sweepstakes Winner

Jessie Thompson Scotland Sweepstakes Winner

Scotland Sweepstakes Winner, “Jason made our trip a once-in-a-lifetime dream-come-true prize!”

Bart Miller Scotland Sweepstakes Winner

“Playing golf at Scotland Sweepstakes and exploring the city with my father was an absolute dream come true.”

Past Sweepstakes Winners

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